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Filipe MS Bento

Computer Science Specialist - University of Aveiro, Portugal

Information Management: information and data services development, knowledge management systems for internal support and external services; Digital Libraries and DBs' design; Integration of services and electronic resources tailored to the user profile, including design and implementation of intelligent backoffice management systems (databases, Learning Objects Metadata, deep web search engines, e-resource locators), including an ERMS - Electronic Resources Management System, in house developed;

ALEPH’s Manager and team leader (University’s Libraries Management System): Unix (AIX) / Linux (RHEL AS) + Oracle; parameterization, maintenance and improvements (Server, OPAC-Web and Intranet - automation of several tasks, statistics and listings); Participation in several meetings of Portuguese Aleph’s system users, aiming to promote and implement a national user group, UNA, currently USE.pt;

Training division: promotion and coordination of internal training (ALEPH’s system operators), for university’s students (1st year / Health Degrees / Management Masters), lecturing some of them, and dissemination actions for all the university’s community (teachers, researches and alumni). Head of division from 1998 to 2004;

President of several groups for informatics equipment acquisition selection and vogal for the recruitment competitions of A-Class (higher education degree) Technicians, area of Library and Documentation;

Research & Development projects in the area of Digital Libraries, documental treatment, search and information retrieval using expert systems; * design and implementation, completely on it’s own and on an after-hour basis, of the first and most famous meta-bibliographic distributed search engine in Portugal: ColCat (Colective Catalogue); URL: http://cc.doc.ua.pt; protocols used / search & retrieve: z39.50/http gateway, SRW/SRU, SOAP; nation-wide newspapers and web sites articles, Radio and TV interviews: http://cc.doc.ua.pt/ColCat/press_clips/

ICPD Doctorate Candidate (UA | U.Porto) / PhD Researcher (UA/CETAC.Media), grant by FCT - Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology;

President of USE.pt Steering Committee (Portuguese Ex Libris Users' Association, hosted by Portuguese Parliament's Library, Palácio de S. Bento, Lisbon), 2011-2012.

Past highlights:

March – April de 1995
European Space Agency [ESA]
European Space Research Institute [ESRIN] / Information Retrieval Service [IRS]
Space Research Agency
Industrial Placement (part of the MSc of European Program TRAIN-ISS)
* Software development to help disseminate and search, via Internet, for documents produce by
the European Space Agency (Software Development Department);
* Invited to participate, by and along his Director in ESA, in meetings representing ESA in RAI headquarters, the Italian Public Broadcaster, in other to implement an innovative service for that time, of VoD (Video-On-Demand), in a test zone using fiber-optics, in the city of Rome, Italy; since Portugal was not at that time a member of ESA and did not have English citizenship, after the placement the involvement in the project ended;

December 2002 – September 2003
EPA – Escola Profissional de Aveiro
Level 4 Vocational Education Institution
Lecturer : Course C.E.T. – Documentation and Information
Networks, Internet and Intranet;
Information technologies;
Documental Databases and Library’s Integrated Management Systems: Database
Models, Search languages and data manipulation; Typical Characteristics; Record
types: bibliographic, authorities and holdings; Record formats; Library Automation and
Management Systems: Requisites and Architecture; Demonstrations of some systems
used in Portugal.

November 2002 – July 2003
BAD – Associação Portuguesa de Bibliotecários, Arquivistas e Documentalistas
(Portuguese Association of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists)

National Professional Association of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists, Vocational Training Institution
Trainer – 1st Library and Documentation course for technical professionals at Aveiro
(Module 5: Information Technologies)
Introduction to Information Technologies (40h);
Networks (30h);
The Information Technologies and Communication in Documentary Units (50h);
Documental Databases and Library Automation and Management Systems (80h).

February 1998 – October 1999
RUBi – Rede de Bibliotecas e Informação, Comissão Instaladora
(Universities’ Libraries and Information Network, Provisional Commission)

Member of the Provisional Commission
(Commission part of FUP – Portuguese Universities’ Foundation)
Coordinator of two study groups within the RUBI project: “Specifications, Architecture
and Services of the Distributed RUBi’s OPAC” and “Plan for the common
contracting of services, subscriptions and access to databases”;
Preparation / integrated operational management of the Seminar “Universities’
Libraries in Consortium”, with invited specialists from several countries;
Guidance, organization and planning of the discussion panel “Consortia and
Editors: Emergent Partnerships”, held within the Seminar “Universities’ Libraries in
Webmaster of the official web site of the Provisional Commission;

July – December 1996
University of Aveiro / UNAVE
Higher Education and Research Institution
Teorical and practical lectures of the following training courses, PROFAP program:
Introduction to informatics;
Informatics in the Administrative area;
Database Management Systems;
Introduction to the informatization of the (Public) Administrative Services.

September 1995 – February 1998
UNAVE – Associação para a Formação Profissional e Investigação da Universidade de Aveiro
(University of Aveiro’s Vocational Training and Research Association)
Vocational Training and Research Institution
Information Manager
(under the direct supervision of UNAVE’s President, Prof. José Alberto Fonseca)
Head of the Information Technologies Office: management and execution of
projects related to Informatics and Electronic Information Management, support to
initiatives of CBT (Computer Based Learning) and Distance Leaning (E-Leaning),
projects and multimedia services (CD-ROM + Internet);
Training Office support: organization and information management regarding
Vocational Training Courses and Advanced Training; Responsible for organizing
Seminars and initiatives to disseminate Science, Technology and Arts;
Participation in the elaboration and submission of several projects within National and
EU Programs’ Call for Proposals;
Placement coordinator in the Marketing area (October to December 1996; invited
later on by IPAM – Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing for the panel
of evaluators for the presentation of the final thesis / Marketing Plan in the scope of a
BSc in Administration and Marketing, Cacia, Aveiro, March 1997);
Webmaster and web designer (institutional information + E-Leaning modules);
Novell Network manager (“System Administrator”).

June – September 1995
The University of Sheffield, Department of Information Studies
Higher Education and Research Institution
Web Designer (team leader)
Head of the commercial section (“business web pages”) of the project “Barnsley (UK) World
Wide Web Pages”

February – July 1994 + October 1995 – February 1996 + February – July 1997
University of Aveiro
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications
Higher Education and Research Institution
Lecturer (Monitor)
Invited to lecture practical classes of the following courses, 1st common year (several degrees):
Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms (1994 and 1997);
Introduction to Informatics (1995-1996).